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Filecamp allows professionals to organize, share, tag, and distribute their digital assets.
All this from one easy-to-use and custom branded platform in the cloud.
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Filecamp’s Digital Asset Management software makes organizing and sharing files a breeze. Get your files in order, boost productivity, and collaborate with ease.


Easy to Manage and Use

Filecamp is a cloud-based SaaS DAM platform that offers granular permissions control, a mobile-friendly UI, custom labeling, and file previews. And with our DAM, you get unlimited users at no extra cost.


Granular Access Control

Control who can access files with our advanced yet intuitive folder permission controls. From external clients to internal administrators, you’re always in control with our adaptable access rules.
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Approve and Comment

You can approve and reject files, such as documents and graphics, without having to download files. Use our annotation tools and online commenting to leave feedback and monitor projects. 
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Put Your Brand First

You can Whitelabel the Filecamp digital asset management platform, using your logos and brand to impress clients with your professional file organizing system.

Your DAM solution. Your branding.

The user experience starts on your login page. Make our DAM platform your own with your logo, color scheme, and a background image that tells your story.

With unlimited users in all plans 
Filecamp is for everybody.

Small and large brands from all industries use Filecamp for managing their digital assets while maintaining brand consistency.

Some of Filecamp's customers

Productivity on your terms.

Leverage your assets as efficiently and effectively as possible while maintaining tight security. Our proven Digital Asset Management software can boost productivity and unleash creativity by allowing companies to easily find, share, and store their digital assets.
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Put together a crisp, clean image gallery. Organize photos to show clients, or ensure your assets, such as logos, are all safely secured in one place.



Safely and securely store brand-related content, such as company videos, commercials, and more with our digital asset management software.



Upload master copies of your graphics and logos, including vector files. Download in the original format or convert as needed, right inside Filecamp, while ensuring version control.



Share important documents and enable easy collaboration with our digital asset management platform, even if your team is spread across the world.

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Efficiency, Optimized

Sharing files and managing teams has never been easier. With Filecamp, you can add as many users as you need, and can remove team members with just a few clicks. Managing permissions is simple too, and you can use custom labels and other tools to track progress on documents, graphics, and more. With AI, we can scan images and use auto-tagging to make it easier for team members to find what they need.

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Collaborate with Ease

Whether you need to work with a team member down the hall, or a remote worker on the other side of the world, Filecamp is there for you. Upload files right from your browser. Download them too, in a format that suits your needs.


The Files You Need in the Format You Desire

File systems become cluttered with different file types. With the Filecamp digital asset management platform, you can download the file type you need, when you need it. Need a high-res Adobe Illustrator file? You got it. Only want a simple JPEG for a document? It’s just a few clicks away. Download on your terms.

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What is Digital Asset Management?

The short answer? Digital Asset Management (DAM) software is designed for you to store and organize digital files, including documents, logos, photographs, and more.

The better answer?

A digital asset management platform is a powerful productivity tool that will cut down the time spent hunting down files in specific formats, dealing with version control, and otherwise keeping your digital assets secure and accessible. Find the files you want, when you want, wherever you are. And easily manage access so others get the assets they need on demand.

Some think of digital asset management solutions in terms of the files organized or the team members empowered. We like to think of DAM software in terms of time and grief saved.

With Filecamp, you can access any file, any time, from a variety of devices.

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Easy Digital Asset Management

Filecamp offers Digital Asset Management (DAM) software online, from any device. Our cloud-based DAM platform will bring order to your digital library, and make it easier to search through media files. Once you find what you want, download in a format that suits your needs.


No Training Needed

While designing Filecamp, we stuck with simple and familiar controls so new users can easily browse, upload, and download files at their convenience. Most users will be able to use our DAM in just minutes, no training required. Should you need help, our team and community resources are there for you.


Your brand, your DAM

Filecamp offers whitelabeling tools that you can use to add company logos, colors, and pictures. You can even create a custom URL that makes transition between your website and the Filecamp digital asset management platform seamless.


No Hassle Collaboration

Whether you need to collaborate with someone on staff or need to share with an external client or contractor, Filecamp’s digital asset management software is hassle free. Control access on your terms with only a few clicks.


Scale with Ease

You don’t need to hire additional IT staff to manage the Filecamp digital asset management platform. Since Filecamp is Software-as-a-Service, we handle updates and maintenance. And as your team grows, add as many users as needed at no extra cost.


Powerful Search Tools

Powerful features, including auto-tagging, make it easier to hunt down the files you need. As your library grows, you’ll have powerful search tools at your fingertips. Save time sorting through files and get to work with our DAM software.


Broad file support

Whether you need to work with Word docs and PowerPoint presentations, or rich media and graphic files, Filecamp is there for you. Uploading is quick and painless, and visual previews make it easier to find the file you need.


Top-Notch Security

Digit assets are valuable. Keep them organized and secure with the Filecamp digital asset management platform. We use HTTPS and our servers are located in a facility monitored 24/7. Managing access is easy too.


Reduce Time Wasted

Our simple, intuitive user interface makes it easy for you to find and share digital assets. You can manage access and teams with no hassle. Don’t waste time digging through manuals, and get to work immediately!

"but with Filecamp can find and share them easily and quickly – a total win!"
Filecamp has been a fantastic solution for our business and our team to manage photos and other digital assets. It’s simple to use and has saved us hours upon hours of our time. We used to hunt and dig for images, but with Filecamp can find and share them easily and quickly – a total win!

Camden Easterling, Vacutech LLC

"I’d definitely recommend Filecamp to anyone looking for a file sharing or digital asset management platform!"
Filecamp has allowed my team and those we collaborate with internally and externally to share all formats of files seamlessly. It has streamlined our file sharing and digital asset management system, keeping us organized and increasing productivity. The ability to adjust permission levels for users and to customize folder access for individuals has been extremely useful.

Alexa Corcoran, VF Corporation (VFC)

"Filecamp ties our customers closer to us and saves us time on re-delivering files."
We use Filecamp to deliver files to our customers. It ties them closer to us and saves us time on re-delivering files. As far as I know, there isn’t a digital asset management solution out there that is as productive and flexible as Filecamp.

Jocke Gustafsson, F22 studio AB

The digital asset lifecycle

A DAM platform enables you to control and manage digital assets throughout their lifecycle. You can ingest, annotate, catalog, store and share digital assets from one central content management hub.
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What is Filecamp?

Filecamp is a cloud-based Digital Asset Management solution that allows you to easily store, organize, track and re-purpose your branded assets – such as images, videos, illustrations, brand guidelines, text documents, presentations, and more.

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